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The MCA dept started at GIACR in the year 1999. The MCA helps in providing the IT and computer industry with world class talented students. The discipline acquires growing importance because of the recent development in the computer related Industries. The dept focuses on the fundamental, as well as, advanced aspects of computer application, focusing on the proper utilization of the diverse array of computer applications in the engineering and technology processes maintained in the various industries of the present era.

Designing, constructing and testing the various computer-based systems, utilizing up to date programming languages, hardware, and computer-based implementation are the main features that is the focus of the department, providing a thorough and in-depth insight of the advancement in the sector, ranging from artificial networks to distributed multimedia systems. At GIACR, MCA students are given in house training through Infosys Campus Connect and Oracle University. The Students are focused to in-house projects so that they get intellectually prepared for developing applications in the software industry.

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