About us

National Development in the field of energy plays a vital role. This role of National Development is closely associated with the development in the field of electrical and electronics engineering. Everyone is familiar with the functions that electricity can perform.

Human life cannot be pleasant in the absence of electricity. It helps in daily need of our life such as heating, cooling, traction and countless other purposes. The study of electricity has been attracting the attention of scientists and engineers for hundreds of years. Theories have been developed through experiment and by observations of its behaviour.

Our Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department is dedicated to imparting the best possible engineering knowledge and skills to able and energetic students of the institute and prepare them for playing an effective role in the development of the nation. The department boasts of analog control system equipments, digital control system and PC based control system setups in the control system laboratory, which is further enriched by the presence of a PC interface robotic trainer.

This all becomes possible through proper teaching, able guidance and close supervision of knowledgeable and dedicated teachers of the class rooms as well as well equipped laboratories of all disciplines of the department.

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